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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  February 24, 2010 11:30pm-12:05am EST

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the flying kangaroo that claims gold at cypress mountain. >> lydia lassila sees the fall, knows it's a foregone conclusion. she will take gold back down under.
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nearing the finish line for tonight's broadcast. today was quarterfinal day in the men's hockey tournament, the eight best teams, win advance and lose you're out. today, both the united states and canada were in action. >> the u.s. men's hockey team after their upset victory over canada continued to advance in the olympic hockey tournament by defeating switzerland today,
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2-0. the match wasn't decided until late. in large measure because of the fine work of swiss goaltender hiller, who stopped all but one of the 43 team usa shots he faced. at the end of the second period, hiller was saved by the buzzer as he batted a shot from ryan kesler out of the air off his shoulder and into the net. video review showed the puck crossing the swiss goal a fraction of a second after the clock hit zero. za perise scored the second goal. whatas expected to be a tight match turned into a rout. the canadians scored early and often against russia, ahead 4-1 after the first period, ultimately winning, 7-3. corey perry of the anaheim ducks would lead the offense with two goals. the canadian victory keeps alive
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the possibility of a rematch of the 2002 gold medal game between the u.s. and canada. meanwhile, the semifinal round airs this friday afternoon at 3:00 eastern, noon pacific. coming up in late night with mary carillo, gold medal speed skating, the women's 5000 meters plus women's short track. tomorrow morning, the "today" show crew will hold course from grouse mountain. here's a look back at some of the most memorable moments of the vancouver games so far with the accompaniment of the canadian tenors. so long for now. ♪ through the fire ♪ through the pain for the glory of the game ♪ ♪ you have found the world awaiting ♪ ♪ because your moment is here
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>> alexandre bilodeau has won gold! ♪ your moment is here ♪ we're going to make it to the finish line ♪ ♪ we're going to make it through ♪ ♪ your moment is here set aside your fear for a time ♪ ♪ to make it through the finish line ♪ ♪ we're going to make it through the finish line ♪
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a winter storm moves closer and won't take much to make roads tricky my morning. >> a whale kills a trainer at seaworld. >> alex ovechkin with an injury at vancouver. good evening, i'm doreen gentzler. >> i'm jim vance. the storm here won't be much, but coupled with a separate nor'easter, it's prompted airlines to cancel flights in and out of washington tomorrow. let's go up to t storm center to get the word from bob. >> our temperatures, as you can see, well above freezing. in washington, 41 degrees. there are 30s, but even out in the shenandoah valley, temperatures are above freezing. officially we are still under a winter weather advisory.
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you can see some precipitation. there will be snow mixing in as we get later into tonight. i do note see anything. as a matter of fact, i'm seeing less and less of anything that will be of any concn. in the delmarva because the storm will be well offshore, that's where the moisture will be and the largest threat is for anything in the way of significant snow. it could be five, six inches of snow spreading up into new york. any folks that have drive up around i-95. last night i was skeptical of that winter storm watch that was in effect. you can see, there is where the storm is right now off the virginia capes, most of it will be moving well toward north. there will be a bit of snow ming in, so i think there is still a 70% chance we'll see some light rain showers changing, and i want to emphasize light snow. it will be wet snow. much will be melting as it falls. a dusting, maybe and inch orwo west and north by the time we see it.
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the main thing will be will be some strong, strong winds. i'll tell you about that. a very, very slight chance of anything that we would say a major snowstorm. i don't think any big problems tomorrow morning rush hour. back to you. >> thank you, bob. all eyes will be on the road in the morning with memories fresh with the gridlock from last week. jackie benson is in rosslyn one of the main choke points. >> reporter: officials are keeping their fingers crossed for tomorrow morning's rush hour. in nthern virginia, the snowplows are rolling once again, ready to spread deicing chemicals and sand in advance of the coming storm. just weeks after historic back-to-back snowstorms known as the blizzard of 2010, the prediction of maybe a few more inches of snow seems not so bad. the question is, how much more can people take? >> not much more. i'm about ready for spring. >> i can take all you can get.
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>> i don't mind being off tomorrow. i could take another one or two. >> reporter: in the district, the 3100 block of q street southeast which remained snow covered until last friday are finally cleared. d.c. mayor adrian fenty is the subject of criticism of snow removal and vowed the city is ready. >> whatever falls, we'll have trucks ready to go as soon as something starts to accumulate. it may not start to be snow until tomorrow. >> reporter: in maryland, hardest hit by power outages, pepco is gearing up for the possibility 40 plus mile an hour winds could bring down tree lis and power lines. >> the ground is soft and the biggest fear is losing entire trees and creating not just electrical problems but roadways, as well. >> reporter: pepco officials say they've been in communication with other power companies up and down the east coast, as the
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storm advances. pepco says once again they will have additional contractors on standby. back to you. >> jackie benson, thank you. you can keep track of the forecast at any time. log on to and click on weather forecast. a whale at seaworld ripped a trainer off a poolside platform today, pulled her under water and killed her. it happened as visitors to the attraction in orlando, florida, were watching from the stands. that particular whale has a history of violence. jim payne has our report. >> reporter: the incident occurred behind seaworld's main shamu pool, a venue famous to tourists around the world. a spokesman confirmed tillikum grabbed trainer dawn brancheau as she was rubbing his nose, yanked her into the water and ultimately drowned her. experts say it's a scenario nobody could have expected. >> if that's the case, i mean,
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boy, that's about -- that's about as drastic as i can imagine. >> reporter: the whale in question is no stranger to tragedy. in 1991, while living in a canadian park, he attacked a trainer who had fallen into his tank, killing her. in 1999, a man who was believed to have snuck into seaworld was found dead in tillikum's pool. that was ruled a drowning. brancheau was considered to be a very experienced trainer who would have avoided putting herself in danger. >> we have never in the history of our parks experienced an incident like this in all our standard operating procedures will come under review as part of this investigation. >> reporter: this section of the park remains closed as investigators try to determine what happened and if it could have been prevented. jim payne, nbc news. the president of toyota apologized for his company's safety problems on capitol hill today. he denied electrical problems are to blame for cars racing out
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of control. akio toyoda faced harsh questions during the second day of congressional hearings. law makers want to know if computer glitches are causing car engines to race. toyota blamed sticky gas pedals and floor mats. toyoda says he is ordering new gas pedals. >> my name is on every car. you have my personal commitment that toyota will work to restore the trust of our customers. >> toyota did admit his company emphasized sales over safety. general motors will shut down the hummer brand for good. the automaker made that announcement today after a deal with a chinese company fell through. gm will continue to honor hummer warranties.
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hummer is the second brand gm tried to sell unsuccessfully. saturn was the other one. at this minute, dozens of metro police officers are preparing to run into a station with guns drawn. it's part of an overnight drill to get them ready for the next emergency situation underground. craig melvin is outside the friendship heights station in northwest washington with more on this story. >> reporter: good evening to you guys. i want to show you right outside the command center. metro set up a number of these cameras. what they are going to do is tape everything that happens so after the fact they can look and see what they can improve upon. i want to show you above ground here. you can see a number of folks, not just from metro but different agencies, as well, starting to gaert, starting to assemble. that's above ground. i want to take you below ground. below ground here at the friendship heights station on wisconsin, several agencies getting ready for that drill that is supposed to start around 12:30 tomorrow morning. the transit agency has been
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staging for about 1 1/2 hours now. we've seen metro police, d.c., fbi, as well. we've seen some montgomery county emergency responders. all those folks making their way below ground for the drill. the drill is designed to test the special response tactics of all those agencies. it's going to simulate gun fire between two shooters on a metro car. several passengers are hurt, even killed. metro says they have not had to deal with a scenario like that, but it is essential to be prepared. >> practice like you play. unfortunately, today's reality is some things could happen, so what you do is you coordinate with your partners and you practice. here we are practicing at the friendship heights station for an exercise that could include an active shooter. we don't want that to ever happen. we want to respond well and do it in coordination with our partners.
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>> reporter: the station here set to shut down at midnight. they are staging that drill at 12:30. there won't be passengers in the way. this is the first of three drills metro is planning. the other two were postponed because of the blizzard. they have not said when they are going to schedule those. craig melvin, news4. back to you. >> thank you, craig. coming up tonight, a repor on two teachers who tackled a man and took a gun away from him. good night was the shooting at middle school kids. >> maryland's attorney general decides to change the state's policy on recognizing same-sex marriages. a woman along the jersey shore credits her love handles with saving he
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a woman in virginia is facing felony charges tonight. police say she hit a man and dragged him under her car for nearly two miles. henry humphries was first hit in manassas monday night.
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while waiting for help to arrive, a nissan minivan hit humphries and drove into fairfax county with humphries pinned in the undercarriage. humphries died on the way tthe hospital. ellen yock was charged with felony hit-and-run and reckless driving. the van was parked outside her house today. she claimed she didn't know she hit anybody. the family doesn't buy that. >> when i have a gravel on my tire, i notice it's there, a gravel on my tire. this is a human body underneath the vehicle. >> police want to know if she was distracted while driving. two men were charged today with raping an 11-year-old girl in silver spring. police say that 31-year-old sorto and enrique kwez approached the girl yesterday evening. the men allegedly forced the girl into an apartment where they raped her before letting her go. officers caught up to the
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suspects quickly and the victim was able to identify them. same-sex couples married in other states will now have new rights in the state of maryland. thstate attorney general released an opinion on that issue today. that opinion says effective immediately and until challenged in court, maryland will recognize same-sex marriages performed elsewhere. it also says state agencies will have to give same-sex couples all the rights and benefits afforded heterosexual couples. the opinion does not enable same-sex couples to marry in maryland. still to come tonight, all eyes to the skies. what will we see before the morning commute? >> and administrators in rhode island.
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a teacher says he wishes he
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that curve done more to take down a gunman who opened fire. two students were hit outside deer creek middle school in littleton, colorado. the gunman was reloading his hunting rifle when math teacher david benke sprang into action. >> next thing i know, i'm on the ground with my legs wrapped around his legs and my arms tackled around him. >> first thing i thought was i ed to get that gun away from anywhere he can get to it. >> the alleged gunman is being held on a $1 million cash-only bond. his father says he has had mental health issues. both students are recovering. every single teacher at a high school in rhode island will be fired at the end of the school year. central falls high school is one of the worst-performing schools in the state. last night the school board voted to fire more than 80 teachers, as well as the administrative staff. essentially they'll start over
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and that will allow the school to compete for millions of dollars in federal funding. hundreds of angry students, teachers and parents protested that decision today. the education secretary arne duncan thought it was a good idea. we've seen some wild scenes on the slopes in whistler this week, but a snowboarder in slovakia was caught up in an avalanche. this is a few from a camera he had attached to his goggles as he started his run this week. the snow started to crumble. he was propelled toward sharp rocks and the camera went dark. moments later it came back on and the snowboarder was up and walking around. lucky guy. powerhouse matchup in men's hockey will take top billing in canada tonight. the u.s. team is hanging in there pretty good so far. on the slopes, a tough day for the women's ski team. phil rogers up in vancouver now with more on this. >> reporter: good evening. the u.s. hockey team is advancing.
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they are now going into the semifinals. they defeated switzerland 2-0. now the matchup could be the united states versus canada for the gold on sunday. let's look at lindsey vonn's woes. vonn had another bad day today. she was one of the only skiers who attempted whistler mountain before the course was closed due to bad weather. she crashed into a safety net and broke her little finger. vonn is questionable for friday's slalom while julia mancuso was flagged on her first attempt and missed her second one. she told "sports illustrated" she thinks lindsey vonn is getting too much attention. canada got a double boost tonight in their medal pursuit as they went gold/silver in the women's bobsled.
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the u.s. girls aaron pack and elaine miles of george washington university did take the silver medal. this gives canada their seventh gold of the games, the first in women's bobsled since it was introduced in 2002. we have another great day tomorrow for the canadian men and women for the gold medal. >> thanks, phil. let's get the full details on the weather tonight and tomorrow morning. >> i really don't think -- even montgomery village. 37 degrees rig now. temperatures along the east coast are well above freezing. there is a storm and it is really going to get wound up tomorrow, but most of the impact, as far as precipitation, as far as snow will be to our north. here is what'seen going on. you can see again this pattern we had with the jet stream diving to the south. there is that storm beginning to get going now.
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it will be producing light snows around us. there is the rain. the wider view, and you can see maybe a little mix for you folks around culpeper, spots like that. by and large, you canlso see that a lot of this stuff is going to be staying out to the east. even there, it's raining right now. eventually, there it will be snow. our temperatures will continue to fall. overnight tonight in the futurecast, there is that storm off the new jersey-delmarva coast tomorrow morning. some light rain ending as light snow. most of the impact will be once again as i've been mentioning strong winds will whirl around. there will be snows across northern maryland. in the timeline, tomorrow morning when you get up and head out, there will be light, wet snow. roads are warm enough that there won't be any accumulation, but by 8:00, some strong winds begin developing. for you folks in the panhandle of west virginia, the mountains, then those winds by noontime begin cranking in over us.
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that's the main impact by later on tomorrow. a dusting and even at that, possibly in the grassy areas, folks into salisbury and southern maryland, probably not much of anything. a couple of inches around baltimore. there will be light snow in the air. not much of it sticking on the roadways. it will be ending with the winds increasing tomorrow afternoon. temperatures by tomorrow afternoon though, only in the mi30s and holding into the mid 30s. even on friday we could see some of these snow squalls and wraparound snow showers that will once again perhaps be some slipperiness here and there and produce a little accumulation, but nothing like we've had already. we had 32 inches of snow so far this february. we can deal with a dusting or one or two. it's nothing. no problems tomorrow morning. >> thank you, bob. still ahead, special visitors help lighten the mood for patients. >> and sports.
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a lot of good hockey over there today. >> this is fun. hockey gets you going. for two periods the united states couldn't solve the middle in the net, but team usa, persistence paid off big time. zach parese was the beneficiary.
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up to vancouver. ron wilson and team usa in a tighten. kessler throws the puck into the net. take another look. the puck here on top of his shoulder. look at the clock. it crosses right after the clock hitzero. no goal. we have no sco after two periods of play. third period. za team usa advances with a 2-0 victory. they play either the czech republic or finland in the semifinals. alex ovechkin and team russia against canada. canucks scoring early and often. ive strange development here.
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ovechkin takes the puck off his hand. he is trying to catch it, but he heard something in his hand. goes to the bench. gets an ice pack. everybody involved with the capitols very nervous. he did go back into the game. malkin giving the elbow. the big check there and retaliation by dan boyle. have a seat, my friend. he did not like that at all. canada crushes russia 7-3 is the final. russia is done at the games. >> moving on to basketball. as expected the ilgauskas will never play for the wizards. the seven-the footer who was acquired from cleveland, wizards reached a buyout agreement with ilgauskas who is expected to return to play with the cavs after his 30-day wait. wizards playing and losing before the smallest crowd of the season tonight. just about 11,000, which means
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about 6,00on hand for this game. wizards went down early. nick young driving, spinning and dunking. he gets fouled on the play. his two most exciting points on the night. he finished with seven. laettner the second quarter, grizzlies turn it over. andray blatche comes up with it. good passer. hits al thornton here. wizards up by three. 16 for thornton. blatche had another good one. third quarter now. earl boykins off the mark. memphis on the move. one dribble for zach randolph. up and in. he is fouled. 22 points for him. memphis beats the wiz 99-94. in case you were wondering, the terps no longer a bubble team for the ncaa tournament. i'm calling it now, they are in. big win over clemson tonight. maryland battled back from a 15-point first half deficit to


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